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gateway to college

Gateway to College is a nationally recognized scholarship and dual-credit high school diploma completion program. Gateway to College serves students ages 16-20 years of age who have disengaged from high school or have fallen behind on credits. Students earn their high school diploma while progressing toward a college certificate or associate degree. MCC's Gateway to College program is the first in Nebraska and the 28th college selected to offer the Gateway program.


There are many reasons why students disengage or fall behind on credits while in High School. Gateway to College provides motivated students who have not been successful in a high school environment the opportunity for a fresh start on a college campus. Gateway students are college students dual-enrolled at Metropolitan Community College and take their first quarter classes on the Fort Omaha Campus. While in Gateway, students learn how to succeed in an educational setting under the guidance of a caring team of resource specialists and instructors with access to library, tutoring, and writing services. Upon successful completion, Gateway to College students will have satisfied their high school diploma requirements through the completion of college coursework. Students have the opportunity to achieve academic and personal success through the support they will find in the Gateway to College program.


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